Can You Have Slippers That Are Ergonomic, Comfortable, Insanely Durable, but Still Affordable?

27/02/2024 | by Ezra Wright

SUMMARY: With spring ever so quickly drawing to a close, a team of Israeli designers and engineers have dropped their latest creation into the footwear market and caught everyone by surprise. Corporations are scrambling to produce answers, and happy customers are walking around more comfortable than ever. And all this noise is due to a simple, yet ingenious, pair of flip flops. You can now get Your AirFlops 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you hate your faded, old flip flops? Do you keep slipping in the bathroom? Do you hate getting sores on your feet from slipper and sandals that were probably designed for apes? Do you just want one brilliant pair that will last you a decade so you can stop worrying about them? Well, you’re in luck, because these new flip flops arrived early to solve all your problems!

The weather is getting warmer. You’re starting to dream about the beach again. You rummage through your shoe cabinet and pull out your good old flip flops. Except, they’re not really that good anymore. The sole has eroded into pretty much a flat piece of rubber, there’s a tear in the middle because you’ve folded them too much, and they’re somehow still full of sand.

Such is the fate of all sandals and flip flops. Yes, even your trusty crocks. They erode and become incredibly uncomfortable until one spring morning you wake up to see they are no longer fit for service. The industry term is “planned obsolescence”.  

But what if there was a different kind of slipper? One that’s comfortable, one that lasts the test of time. Some big shoe companies would be mad, wouldn’t they? Well, they are. They are every mad.


What is it?

They call them the AirFlops, a brand new design by an Israeli team that sought to solve all the problems slippers usually have in one simple and affordable design. The results, they speak for themselves as big corporation scramble to find an answer to this sudden bombshell dropped on them right before spring.

The AirFlops are made of incredibly durable material and their design incorporates both ergonomic support, as well as anti-slip safety features. They have been mathematically engineered to be the most comfortable and durable flip flops human science can manage. Or so the creators claim.

But do they live up to the hype, and the corporate hate, that they get? Let’s find out!


What Makes Them So Special?

It’s not exactly that big of a secret. Flip flops are not built to last. In most cases they are made in the cheapest way possible with little regard for comfort because you’re only going to wear them for a very short time and not even notice, right?
Well, a team of Israeli designers and engineers thought differently. People walk in their flip flops around the house, in the street, on the beach, at the pool, they walk a lot. So it only made sense to create ones that are ergonomic and comfortable, so you won’t have sore feet or toes from all the walking. It also made sense, to anyone but the corporations who need to sell you new ones every year, that flip flops can and should last you a long time.
And this is precisely why the AirFlops are getting so much hate and love and the same time, they are going to forever change how flip flops are designed and made:
Ergonomic, light and comfortable – The EVA material is light and provides great support for your foot.
Incredibly durable – EVA can bend as many times as you want without tearing, and it will take you decades to be able to wear them down, if you even manage to do it at all.
Specially designed anti-slip sole – the sole is mathematically engineered to give the best possible grip and reduce the chance of slipping on a wet surface to almost none!
Water resistant – as all good flip flops should be, but their special material means they also dry up quickly, no more water seeping into the cracks (because there aren’t any)
Stylish unisex design – match with any outfit and choose from a variety of color options
We didn’t think we’d be impressed by flip flops of all things, but to our astonishment we were. It’s really impossible to describe how they feel on your feet. One way we’ve heard it is that it’s like walking on a cloud that’s simultaneously soft and firm. It’s truly incredible.


How Much do the AirFlops Cost?

But now we get to the best part: the price. The AirFlops would normally cost you a mere €98, perfectly reasonable for comfortable, durable and stylish flip flops. But the creators went a step beyond. They decided to launch the AirFlops early, even before it gets hot enough to walk around in them, and give them away for 50% and free worldwide shipping! You can now get your pair of AirFlops for just €49.
The AirFlops do everything we love, and do it well. They provide an excellent product for a reasonable price, and they challenge terrible corporate policies, helping us, the consumers, on every front. Oh, and did we mention they were super comfortable and anti-slip?! The AirFlops get our wholehearted seal of approval. Get them while they’re still on sale!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the AirFlops:

“Every time I’d go to the pool or the beach I’d have sore feet. Whoever invented traditional slippers clearly never tried to walk in them! But these new ones, oh my god, they walked in them, they walked in them a lot! They are the most comfortable slippers ever!”

“My wife loves cleaning. Too much. The floor in our house is wet at least twice a week. We had several fights about it until she finally got me this pair as a late valentine’s gift. Now she can clean as much as she wants and I can walk around without fear. Possibly saved my marriage too.”

“I love, looooove the beach, and I’ve gone through 3 pairs of flip flops over last summer (totally didn’t lose one of them). They tear, they get bent, they start scratching, it’s a nightmare. All I want is a pair of flip flops that look nice and I don’t need to replace every year! I saw these new ones on Instagram and so far I am very impressed, time will tell how good they really are, but I have a feeling they can handle it.”


Conclusion: Should you get the AirFlops?

Yes. 100%. They are the most comfortable flip flops since the crocks, and will last you ten years longer. If you need slipper for anything from going to the beach to just walking out of your shower, the AirFlops are by a wide margin the best choice on the market. And you also get to stick it to the big shoe manufacturers for never listening to us! It’s a win win win! Get them fast before the sale ends!


  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable, light and Ergonomic
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Special Anti-slip soles
  • Stylish unisex design and available in multiple colors


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon


How Do I Get the AirFlops?

Now that you know you don’t have to suffer through the experience of a torn flip flop ever again, you must be itching to get a pair, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering original AirFlops from the official website here.
  2. Put them on your feet, feel the comfort and never slip again!

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